JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation
Company Overview


We are the market leading, preferred supplier of innovative world-class petrochemical products and solutions in the Philippines.


Our mission is to deliver sustainable value to our stakeholders, our customers and the community. We will achieve this through our people who are our most valued asset. We carry out our operations in a safe and efficient manner because we are environmentally responsible in all aspects of our enterprise. We conduct our business with an overarching goal to contribute to nation building and to industrialization in the Philippines.

Better Life Through Innovation

JG Summit Petrochemicals Group is a pioneer in the petrochemical industry as it continuously strives for excellence in serving the Filipino nation. It creates a culture of innovation by providing sustainable solutions for the changing world. Innovation plays a major role in the organization. With the right technology, JG Summit Petrochemicals Group is able to build long-term business partnerships, responsible manufacturing of petrochemical products and various opportunities to improve the lives of each and every Filipino.


JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation was incorporated in 1994 as a joint venture between JG Summit Holdings, Inc. and Marubeni Corporation. The company was given pioneer status by the Board of Investments in the same year. Construction of the JGSPC Plant began in 1995. Upon its completion, it had rated capacities of 200 KTA for PE and 180 KTA for PP. Commercial operations commenced in March 1998.

In 2006, JGSPC became a wholly owned subsidiary of JG Summit Holdings, Inc. Plans were then drawn out for the Philippines’ first Naphtha Cracker Plant (NCP) and simultaneous expansion of the Polymers Plant. The NCP was constructed from 2011 to 2014, while PE and PP expansion works were undergone in 2012 to 2014. Commercial operation of the newly expanded JG Summit Petrochemicals Group started in November 2014 with increased polymer production capacities of 320 KTA for PE and 190 KTA for PP.