ABOT KAMAY Outreach Program celebrates its 15th year

ABOT KAMAY 15th YearABOT KAMAY ANG FOREVER! Celebrating its 15th year. It has been a yearly activity of the JGSPG Complex (JGSPC, JGSOC, URC/BOPP, CFC and Power Plant) through ABOT KAMAY outreach program to organize a Christmas event for two elementary schools in Batangas, namely Simlong and Pinamucan Ibaba. The proceeds of the various fundraising affairs supported the December 11, 2015 celebrations for both schools, with a total of 872 students from Nursery to Grade VI levels.

It was indeed a blissful occasion – sumptuous meal, games, gift-giving and showcase of singing and dancing talents. First-time volunteer employees from JGSPG also joined the students in kicking up their boots onstage. It was a gratifying and fascinating pleasure to see the eyes of every child light up in joy. Plus, a famous food chain mascot delighted the students all the more with its jolly performance.

ABOT KAMAY volunteers believe that serving other people makes one feel happy. This spirt of volunteerism, individual behavior intended to benefit others without the expectation of external reward is an altruism and a leadership value that JGSPC seeks to cultivate in all employees. Each volunteer is a leader of change that surely made a difference and touched the lives of the students. One of the employees said, “Having the opportunity to interact with the students gave me an additional learning in life. I have learned through them that happiness and contentment are choices. We have our freedom to choose, whether to be happy and be contented in life or not.”

On its 15th year, JG Summit Petrochemicals Group will continue to care thru Abot Kamay and is committed to outlive this tradition for another fifteen years, and more… ABOT KAMAY ANG FOREVER!