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JG Summit Petrochemicals Group endeavors to be the market leading, preferred supplier of innovative and world-class petrochemical products and solutions in the Philippines. To achieve this, JGSPG is committed to deliver in full, on time, products and services that meet or exceed all customers’ requirements. We are proud of the breadth of products and services that we offer to both the Philippine and export markets that are unmatched and are truly responsive to our customers’ needs.

Responsive Customer Technical Service

We offer comprehensive technical support and training on the use of our products. Our team of professional Technical Service Engineers is always available to answer questions about EVALENE® resins and various fabrication processes. Our Engineers will assist to find customized solutions for your needs. We also provide specialized trainings on resin properties, troubleshooting and testing, for our customers’ technical and quality personnel.

Product Certifications and Industry Standard Testing

We provide our customers with certifications of our polymer products for food-contact and other international regulatory requirements (FDA Philippines, Overall Migration, CONEG, EU Packaging Directive, RoHS, REACh, SVHC Declaration, Halal). Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment that can perform a broad range of industry standard tests and qualifications.

Innovative Product and Application Development

Innovation is topmost in our mind. Our continuous investments in various technology platforms enable us to address the expanding needs of our vast clientele both here and abroad.

Our polymers product and application development initiatives are customer- and market-driven. Our in-house fabrication capabilities allow us to understand our customers’ technical, operational and performance requirements. Our Polymers Product R&D Laboratory has the following equipment that enable us to conduct lab-scale fabrication and analysis:

  • Blown film line
  • Tubular water quench/iPP film line
  • Cast film line
  • Injection molding machine
  • Blow molding machine
  • Compression molding machine
  • Compounding using single screw or twin screw extruder

Dedicated Sales Team

We have an industry-recognized Polymers Sales Team that represents JG Summit Petrochemicals Group’s commercial polymer operations. Our consultative approach has allowed us to develop intimate business relationships with customers who have evolved to become partners over the years. Our newly formed Aromatics Sales Team is dedicated to serve our expanded network of customers that now include users of toluene and xylene. Our Export Teams, one responsible for Polymers and another for Olefins and Aromatics, are highly capable of promptly handling inquiries and orders from customers in overseas markets.

Efficient Customer Service

Expect our Sales Administration and Supply Operations teams to respond efficiently to order processing, delivery and invoicing requirements. Our fleet of trucks is rigorously screened, accredited under strict standards, and regularly trained and appraised for their performance. We have solid relationships with reliable third-party logistics companies that allow us to bring our products to many parts of the country and the world.

Consistent Product Quality

Our customers are guaranteed that the products they receive are manufactured through world-class technologies, and that their quality is monitored through internationally-recognized testing standards. We adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure consistency in the quality of the products we make. We take pride in the fact that local and export customers alike are assured of the world-class quality of our products.

Ease in Doing Business

Our local presence and relative proximity to our domestic customers are truly distinct advantages. Shorter delivery lead-time gives our customers more options in supply planning and inventory management. The convenience of dealing with a reliable local supplier helps our customers optimize their procurement and schedule of operations. For export customers, our staff is trained in international trade which facilitates ease and convenience, from ordering and delivery, to after-sales service.

Foreign Exchange and Other Savings

For our local customers, pricing in local currency affords them foreign exchange savings as it eliminates risks associated with importing materials. Additionally, incremental savings are realized by our local customers from importation-related costs such as shipping freight, bank fees and broker fees.