Vision & Mission


We are the market leading, preferred supplier of innovative world-class petrochemical products and solutions in the Philippines.


Our mission is to deliver sustainable value to our stakeholders, our customers and the community. We will achieve this through our people who are our most valued asset. We carry out our operations in a safe and efficient manner because we are environmentally responsible in all aspects of our enterprise. We conduct our business with an overarching goal to contribute to nation building and to industrialization in the Philippines.

Better Life Through Innovation

JG Summit Olefins Corporation (JGSOC) is proud of the distinction of being the largest petrochemicals investment in the Philippines. We have achieved this feat through disciplined pursuit of value-adding opportunities and investments, employing the best and most efficient technologies, developing higher-value products and accessing higher-margin markets, and continuously striving towards operational excellence.

With innovation at the heart of JGSOC, we have become the dominant force in the petrochemicals sector in the Philippines. We have likewise established considerable presence in overseas markets, and are poised to extend to a wider export reach in the years to come. Furthermore, the JGSOC expansion project, with its increased volumes and new downstream value-added products, is a step towards further diversification of the Philippine petrochemical and chemical industries, and is envisioned to help strengthen the industrial value chain linkages for the manufacturing sectors.