JG Summit Petrochemicals Group holds first of its kind seminar for the local flexible packaging sector

EVALENE for Flexible Packaging SeminarTo raise its profile in the fast-growing local flexible packaging segment, JG Summit Petrochemicals Group organized a first of its kind seminar for converters and end-users of flexible packaging materials on July 10, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria in Quezon City.

Entitled “EVALENE® For Flexible Packaging”, the seminar brought together various stakeholders in the flexible packaging supply chain, from machine and equipment vendors to raw material suppliers of adhesives and masterbatches. “Focus on Food Safety, Shelf Life Extension and Cost Reduction” was the seminar’s theme.

Five speakers, from Henkel Philippines, Inc., First in Colours, Inc., Windmoeller & Hoelscher Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., Nordmeccanica Group, and the Packaging Technology Division of Industrial Technology Development under the Department of Science and Technology, shared their expertise on a variety of topics that covered solvent-free and food-safe adhesives, cast film technology and barrier film, solvent-less lamination technology, and the role of packaging in food safety and product shelf life.

A total of 97 participants attended the seminar including representatives from 17 manufacturers of flexible packaging materials as well as 10 companies who own some of the most famous FMCG brands in the Philippine consumer market. These are the end-users of various flexible packaging materials that include stand-up pouches, retort pouches, labels, lidding and bags.

The highlight of the event was JGSPG’s presentation “EVALENE®: Bringing Value to the Local Flexible Packaging Value Chain.” The benefits of doing business with JGSPG were enumerated and “The EVALENE® Edge” was brought into the spotlight – this being (1) stability and consistency in PE and PP supply for local plastics converters; (2) shorter delivery lead-times compared to and reduced risks associated with importing from overseas; (3) foreign exchange savings; (4) responsive technical services; and (5) PE and PP that are versatile and suited for both local and export markets. EVALENE® HDPE, LLDPE and PP grades used in flexible packaging film structures were likewise presented.

The JGSPG presentation ended with the introduction of EVALENE® LF08262. Touted as the most versatile EVALENE® film grade, various potential new applications for EVALENE® LF08262 were explained by Films Category Manager Ves Yraola to users and potential users. Opportunities for cost reduction using EVALENE® LF08262 include its potential use as replacement to C8 LLDPE; its use in downgauging from C4 LLDPE; and its substitution for metallocene as sealant layer for use in regular speed packaging lines.
To take advantage of such a rare gathering, JGSPG’s Product and Marketing Division also took the opportunity to formally release and launch the new EVALENE® Film Grades Product Data Sheets (PDS). Each PDS for the eleven EVALENE® Film Grades HF09522, HF14522, LF08262, LF10182, LF20185, LF10181, LF20184, LF20186, PHF0301, PHF0702 and PHF1001 is a comprehensive material that has the technical description of each grade, its features and the typical applications in which it is used. Information on the grade’s typical product properties and typical processing conditions are included. Side-by-side comparison of each EVALENE® grade’s performance versus a similar material in the market is highlighted in each PDS.

The half-day event culminated in a banquet lunch wherein attendees had the chance to forge new networks, as well as interact further with the speakers and with EVALENE® representatives from JGSPG.