Happiness of Sharing

The JG Summit Petrochemicals Group (JGSPG) Complex (composed of JGSPC, JGSOC, URC Flexible Packaging, URC Packaging and CFC Corporate Energy) held the Abot Kamay Christmas Outreach Program last December 9, 2016 at Simlong and Pinamucan Ibaba Elementary Schools. This special and annual event is celebrated with the cheerful students together with their parents and teachers.

The giggles and excited conversations of the children were heightened as they welcomed the Abot Kamay volunteers walking into the venue. That moment, they knew that it’ll be another day of fun, games and entertainment. The program started with a solemn prayer led by the school principal. As the event continued, the place was even more filled with delight and excitement.

The volunteers joined the children as their hips sway to the beat of hiphop. Later, a young performer also serenaded the crowd with sweet and mellow songs. Everyone participated in the games and enjoyed the raffle prizes. A sumptuous meal completed the celebration.

For 16 years now, the Abot Kamay fund drive is continuously sending gifts to the students and teachers of the said Elementary schools. The gift of giving through willingness to share resources to carry out the event. The gift of time we spend to dance, sing, play and celebrate with all of them. This makes us appreciate and enjoy life more.  Happiness is only real when we make life better for the community.