JG Summit participates in 33rd Southern Tagalog Association of Water Districts (STAWD) Convention

stawdJG Summit Petrochemical Corp. in partnership with MIG Systems Inc. showed its commitment in promoting self-reliant water districts in the country by participating in the 33rd STAWD Convention held from November 10-11 at the Belllevue Hotel in Alabang. The annual convention gathered more than 300 participants from the Southern Tagalog Region with the desire to develop the water supply system in their respective areas. With the theme “STAWD Commitment, Effective Water Utility Management Adapting to Global Changes”, the convention highlighted the need to employ all kinds of efforts to improve their water supply and sanitation services mainly by reaching un-served and under-served areas in their respective jurisdictions.

JG Summit with its HDPE pipe grade EVALENE® HP10441, provided the solution that will uniquely address the Local Water Districts’ need for sustainable, cost-effective and innovative pipe materials to ensure that Filipinos will be provided a local source of raw materials that will translate to safe, adequate and affordable water in the country.

EVALENE® HP10441 is a PE 80 certified pipe grade designed specifically for various pipe applications requiring pressure rating performance. Its flexibility and strength ensures structural integrity that could withstand surge events, high impact, abrasion, chemical resistant and durability to enable system service life of at least 50 years. It is FDA and Halal certified ensuring safe water systems.