JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation
Our Business


JGSPC is the largest manufacturer of polyolefins in the Philippines. It is the first and only integrated PE and PP resin manufacturer in the country. It produces HDPE, LLDPE, PP Homopolymer and PP Random Copolymer resins marketed under the EVALENE® brand using the world-renowned UNIPOL™ gas phase technology. In 2022, JGSPC will also start to manufacture PE resins using another world-leading technology, the MarTECH ™ loop slurry process.

By 2021, JGSPC’s production capacities shall be 320 KTA of polyethylene and 300 KTA of polypropylene using the UNIPOL™ Process, while an additional 250 kTA of polyethylene capacity will be added in first quarter of 2022 using the MarTECH™ Process. With the expanded capacities, JGSPC is now able to expand its current PE and PP grade slate to introduce additional grades for higher-value applications.

Hence, with JGSPC’s increased capacities and broadened product portfolio, the local plastics downstream fabricators benefit through a steady and competitive supply of resins, the ability to operate at higher rates, reduction in raw material cost and increase in employment, thus effectively competing with imports.


JGSPC’s Aromatics Extraction Plant, set for commissioning by end of first quarter 2021, will produce benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes and mixed aromatics. Rated production capacity of the unit is around 90 KTA of benzene, 50 KTA of toluene, 30 KTA of mixed xylenes and 20 KTA of mixed aromatics. It is the first Aromatics Extraction plant in the Philippines to use GT-BTX® technology licensed from Sulzer GTC.

With JGSPC’s Aromatics Extraction Plant, total locally-available benzene capacity now equates to a substantial amount of intermediate raw material, enough to generate interest in potential future investments downstream, which can promote potential forward linkages to other manufacturing sectors. Furthermore, JGSPC’s facility further increases domestic capacities for toluene and mixed xylenes, thus also promoting supply stability and robust competition. This will benefit key industry applications including paints and adhesives for construction, inks for packaging, as well as chemicals for households and agriculture. For mixed aromatics, the availability of additional capacity from JGSPC opens up opportunities to develop the materials as blending components for gasoline as octane booster.

Butadiene and Raffinate-1

JGSPC is likewise scheduled to commence operations by end of first quarter 2021 of the first and only Butadiene Extraction Plant in the Philippines, which uses the BASF Process, also licensed from Lummus Technology. This facility processes mixed C4 produced from JGSOC’s naphtha cracker to separate and extract the downstream products of butadiene and raffinate-1. JGSPC’s Butadiene Extraction Plant is able to produce 70 KTA of butadiene and 110 KTA of raffinate-1.

As the first and only Butadiene Extraction Plant in the Philippines, JGSPC’s facility helps establish the country as invested in sustaining the growth of the domestic manufacturing industries. The availability of butadiene locally is expected to generate interest in future investments downstream, particularly for synthetic rubber producers and/or tire manufacturers, thereby helping to open up potential forward linkages to this sector.

Compliance and Certifications

All EVALENE® polymer grades comply with FDA Philippines food-contact requirements for PE and PP resins, and are likewise Halal-certified.

JGSPC is proud of its Integrated Management System (IMS) which encompasses the Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2015, the Environmental Management System under ISO 14001:2015, and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System under OHSAS 18001:2007.