JG Summit Petrochemicals Group joins the International Coastal Clean-Up

JG Summit Petrochemicals Group (JGSPG) once again participated last September 22, 2018 in the annual International Coastal Clean-up (ICC). The ICC is a global initiative aimed as one of the solutions to solving the marine debris problem in the world’s oceans. 

199 participants representing JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation, JG Summit Olefins Corporation, URC Packaging, URC Flexible Packaging Corporation and CFC Corporation, with other volunteers from various JGSPG contractors, joined to help in the company’s advocacy to preserve Batangas Bay through the ICC, among other environmental programs of the Group. The clean-up covered a portion of the Brgy. Simlong coastline, and the Brgy. Pinamucan river. 175 bags of trash, approximately 1,140 kg, were collected by the participants.