JGSPG progresses towards reaching herd immunity against COVID-19 with vaccination rollout
The JGSPG HR Team and other support teams were behind the successful roll out of the vaccination campaign.

JG Summit Petrochemicals Group (JGSPG) successfully completed its four-day COVID-19 vaccination campaign for employees as part of COVID Protect, the Gokongwei Group Vaccination Program.

The inoculation drive was held from August 3 to 6, 2021 inside the JGSPG petrochemical complex in Batangas City.

This significant step towards achieving herd immunity against COVID-19 was a top priority for the company’s management.

“JGSPG Management provided all the necessary support to ensure we had success,” explained Beng Cortes, Vice President for Human Resources Division, who is overall lead for COVID Protect in JGSPG. 

A vaccination site was set up inside the complex, which was inspected and approved by the Batangas City Health Office and representatives of the Department of Health.

JGSPG employees awaiting their turn on their scheduled vaccination day.

The administration of the vaccines was conducted by a team of medical professionals and staff from Reliance United, the healthcare services partner of the Gokongwei Group for COVID Protect.

According to Cortes, the four-day run was both challenging and rewarding.  “We never doubted our collective ability to mount such a huge and important event for our employees.  It was indeed all hands on deck to support the vision of the Gokongwei Group to protect all its employees via the COVID Protect initiative,” she added.

Employees likewise duly acknowledged the importance of getting the protection offered by vaccines.

Rand Harvey Lopez, a senior field technician in the company’s polypropylene manufacturing unit, said, “Being vaccinated made me confident and worry less at work that I will catch COVID-19.”

A total of 1,309 shots of the AstraZeneca vaccine were administered during the four-day run, which ranged from more than 200 shots during the first day of the campaign, to more than 400 shots at its peak.

The vaccines were provided by JGSPG free of charge as part of the Gokongwei Group vaccination program.

JGSPG Senior Vice President for Operations Paul Bowdler receiving his jab. AstraZeneca vaccines were administered.

“I am thankful and grateful that JG Summit initiated the creation of the COVID Protect Gokongwei Group Vaccination Program to provide their employees the best vaccine available now,” said Hannah Hazell Alcantara, a field technician in JGSPG’s upcoming new polyethylene plant.

Employees of URC Flexible and URC Flexible Packaging, two Universal Robina Corporation units that are located within the JGSPG complex, as well as those of CFC Corporation, also received their jabs.

The success of the vaccination program was a result of collaborative efforts of several teams in JGSPG, working closely as well with representatives from the two URC units.

The HR Team on the ground was headed by Socorro Bautista, manager for Total Rewards & Services, who oversaw the operations of the entire four-day activity, from site preparation and logistics to administration.

Bautista summed up the viewpoint adopted by the HR Team in ensuring the success of the initiative, “This activity is a test of teamwork, agility and patience. The team stayed focused on its aim to complete the program within the required period with zero wastage.”

Nathaniel Brotonel, a senior field technician, praised the outstanding work of the HR team. He thanked them for the special accommodation, security and safety provided to night-shift employees during the vaccination drive.

Other departments that were integral in the completion of the first dose vaccination drive were Engineering Services, Plant Administration Services, Employee Relations, Government Affairs, Operations, and Communications. 

After the campaign’s completion, Bautista expressed the satisfaction felt by all the teams that contributed to the effort. She remarked, “We are happy to have been given the opportunity to serve our employees in this important milestone. The rewards of such service are beyond measure.”

JGSPG likewise credited the COVID Protect Core Team for the full support and guidance provided, from vaccine purchase and delivery, information, education and communication campaigns, pre-registration to the program, site preparation, to final registration.

The vaccination was conducted by a team of medical professionals and staff from Reliance United, the healthcare services partner for COVID Protect.

Prior to last week’s COVID Protect roll out, other JGSPG employees were given earlier opportunities to get their jabs through local government units. Such access was part of the Gokongwei Group Vaccination Program in partnerships with local governments.

Conveying his appreciation to JGSPG, packaging supervisor Jay Hernandez said, “I’m very thankful for the company’s vaccination initiative. It’s a great opportunity to be vaccinated, and I really appreciate it.”

To date, 90% of JGSPG employees have been vaccinated, with 14% being fully vaccinated and 76% having received their first dose.

JGSPG Employee declaring his vaccination status.

Patrick Go, JGSPG President and Chief Executive Officer, recognized the dedicated and selfless work of the teams involved, and also expressed his appreciation for the active engagement of the employees for the overall success of the vaccination drive. “I would like to thank the team for the seamless execution, and the participants for their cooperation and understanding,” said Go after the campaign’s completion.

With the protection offered by vaccines against COVID-19 to JGSPG employees, operations are assured to continue uninterrupted. This ensures consistent delivery of raw materials that are essential packaging components for the supply of prime commodities and basic necessities, goods that are of utmost importance in this time of pandemic.

JGSPG’s third party workers and nominated dependents of the employees are scheduled to get their jabs in the next round of the campaign.